ZAPPS Volume 19:  

ZirChrom®-PBD, a Superior Choice for HPLC Analysis.

In this edition of Z-APPS, we present an application note that features separations on the ZirChrom®-PBD phase. This research explores how the unique selectivity and stability of ZirChrom®-PBD can be employed to meet the toughest separation validation challenges.

Determination of Caffeine in Brewed Coffee  - Coffee is a very common caffeinated beverage that is produced by pouring hot water through ground coffee beans. The caffeine level in coffee can vary due to the brewing method used and the natural amount found in the bean. This method was developed to quickly determine caffeine content in brewed coffee using a very simple and green mobile phase via direct injection of an undiluted sample of brewed coffee by HPLC using a zirconia-based reversed-phase stationary phase (ZirChrom®-PBD) with a guard column. (PDF - Full Application Note)

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