ZirChrom®-Chiral HPLC Columns
ZirChrom Separations, Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of a full line of zirconia-based chiral HPLC phases, ZirChrom®-Chiral. These new patent-pending chiral stationary phases incorporate the unsurpassed chemical and mechanical stability of zirconia with the flexibility of Lewis acid/base anchored chiral selectors. This combination creates a CSP that is reproducible, durable and can be regenerated.

ZirChrom®-Chiral(S)LEU CSP (Part# ZRC01) Selectivity Comparisons

Conditions: 99/1 hexane/isopropanol (all runs); 100 × 4.6 mm i.d. (part# ZRC01-1046); flow = 1.0 mL/min; 30 °C.

ZirChrom-Chiral Press Release

E-Newsletter Vol 11 - ZirChrom-Chiral: Zirconia-based Chiral Stationary Phases”

ZirChrom-Chiral Application Notes

ZirChrom-Chiral MSDS (PDF)

ZirChrom®-Chiral columns were compared to silica columns having analogous chiral selectors and found to have similar resolving power for the selected probe enantiomers. Most importantly, the chemisorbed chiral selectors on ZirChrom®-Chiral were found to be stable enough for extended routine use; however, they could be completely removed by washing with a high pH (>pH 12) aqueous solution and could be easily regenerated.

Currently, ZirChrom offers five different chiral columns in the ZirChrom®-Chiral line:

  • ZirChrom®-Chiral(S)LEU (Chiral Selector (CS): (S)-3,5-dinitrobenzoyl-leucine) Part# ZRC01              
  • ZirChrom®-Chiral(R)NESA (CS: (R)-N-[1-(1-naphthyl)ethyl]succinamic acid) Part# ZRC02               
  • ZirChrom®-Chiral(S)NESA (CS: (S)-N-[1-(1-naphthyl)ethyl]succinamic acid) Part# ZRC03                
  • ZirChrom®-Chiral(S)PG (CS: (S)-3,5-dinitrobenzoyl-phenylglycine) Part# ZRC04                            
  • ZirChrom®-Chiral(R)PG (CS: (R)-3,5-dinitrobenzoyl-phenylglycine) Part# ZRC05                            
  • ZirChrom®-CelluloZe (CS: anchor modified 3,5-dimethylphenyl-carbamoyl cellulose) Part# ZRC06   

Product development is underway for a single, highly stable zirconia column plus a kit of pure CSP coating reagents that will allow users to easily remove and replace chiral selectors by reproducible and simple methods. Chiral selectors with multiple chiral centers, featuring both pi-donor and acceptor groups, are also under development, as are chiral selectors based on polysaccharides.

ZirChrom®-Chiral stationary phases are available in packed columns with a growing variety of chiral selectors.

To place an order, or for more information or copies of our Technical Application Notes, please contact us at 1-866-STABLE-1.


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